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Because every pet deserves a forever-loving home. We believe animal companion is beautiful regardless their background. So if you’re looking for a furry family member, we have partnered with Perrópolis Adoptions to help their most needed furry friends find a forever home. Keep in mind that most of them have been looking for a home for more than a year.


Kaira appeared wandering in the streets of Antigua, she sought refuge in a condominium and...
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How do we help?

One of the most important thing for keeping them healthy. Full bellies = happy friends.
Many stray animals came sick and not in conditions to be adopted. So we help this refugee with vet care, vaccines, and medical treatments.
Street and shelters are full of unwanted and unhappy animals. Many of them get killed and others are abused. So it's important to prevent this by controlling the over population.


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