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SINCE 2021
SINCE 2021

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Every pet deserves a loving home. Each sell helps sponsor a monthly professional photoshoot to shelter dogs so they can be adopted quicklier to responsible and loving homes.

Meet Chepita

Chepita, a 7-month-old sweetheart. With a heart full of sweetness and a love for children, Canchita seeks a family to cherish her.
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Meet Simona

She's now a 3-year-old ball of energy, loving her runs, jumps, and tail wags. Friendly with pets and well-mannered.
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Meet Ramona

A love-filled fluff that loves peaceful naps, she dreams of a serene home filled with affection. Cat-friendly and ever-so-polite, Ramona is all set to melt hearts.
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Meet Bongo

A 4-year-old furry friend now brimming with zest and love. With a heart full of play and impeccable manners, Bongo is ready for his forever family.
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Meet Cari

Cari is a petite 2 year old dog. She's is not just any dog. She carries herself a ladylike nature, and like any true lady, she knows her manners. Cari patiently awaits her forever home.
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Meet Florecita

Meet Florecita, a 4 to 5-month-old pup with a tale of triumph over adversity. Now, she's now brimming with love. Florecita awaits a home where she can thrive. Share and help her find her forever home.
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Meet Nerito

Nerito, a 3 month-old puppy, endured severe abuse, resulting in a broken spine. Despite his challenges, Nerito's resilient spirit shines through. Now, he seeks a loving home where he can thrive. Help us give Nerito the loving home he deserves.
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