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Meet Zoe

Meet Zoe, a 2 month old intelligent and affectionate puppy looking for a family where she can thrive.
Adopt 2 month old puppy
Adopt 2 month old puppy

Found with her brothers in a bag at a shelter's doorstep, Zoe is sweet, gentle, and intelligent. Now, she’s ready to share her love with a family of her own.

Zoe impresses everyone at the shelter with her quick learning and keen responsiveness. This gentle pup has a warm disposition that endears her to all who meet her. Her intelligence not only makes her easy to train but also fun to engage with in any activity, whether it’s learning new tricks or solving puzzles designed for dogs.

At just a few months old, Zoe is already showing the potential to be a wonderful lifelong companion. She’s the perfect match for anyone seeking a loving and smart dog to add joy and affection to their home. Zoe promises to be not just a pet, but a true member of the family.

  • Age: 2 months old
  • Personality: Sweet, gentle and intelligent
  • Size: Medium
  • Children: Yes
  • Other dogs: Yes
  • Cats: Yes



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