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Meet Dixie

Meet Dixie, a sweet and friendly puppy ready to bring joy to your home. Learn how you can make her part of your family.
Meet Dixie
2 months old puppy

Dixie's story starts with a heartrending scene at a local shelter, where she and her brothers were left in a bag at the doorstep. Despite this rough beginning, Dixie has blossomed into an incredibly outgoing and balanced dog, eager to greet every new face with a wagging tail and loving eyes.

At just a few months old, Dixie’s cheerful and affectionate demeanor makes her the perfect companion for any family or individual looking for a sweet-natured friend. She embodies the forgiving and loving spirit of canines, ready to offer unconditional love and excitement to her new family.

She is a joyful spirit looking to bring love and happiness into her forever home. Her friendly nature ensures she is a fantastic fit for a household with other pets. Will you be the one to give Dixie the loving home she deserves?

  • Age: 2 months old
  • Personality: Sweet, friendly, outgoing and playful
  • Size: Medium
  • Children: Yes
  • Other dogs: Yes
  • Cats: Yes



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