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Spring Collar

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This collection is starting out in four color combinations which were carefully selected to perpetuate through time, just as they will always have a place inside our hearts.

The classic and elegant design of these collection was thought to be an accessory highlights your furry child's personality and doesn't compromise their comfort and safety.  It is also fitted with a high quality breakaway safety clip that will come apart when pulled, and 100% brass hardware with our statement customizable brass tag.  

Each of our pieces were crafted with a meticulous handmade manufacture by skilled artisans from Guatemala fitted with high quality leather dyed with high-environmental standards and 100% brass hardware with our statement customizable brass tag. 

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Size Guide

Not sure about the size? We’ve got you. You can use the size charts below to determine the right size. To measure your pet's collar, measure at the widest part of the neck with at least 2 fingers worth of space between the collar and the neck.


Size Neck Width
XS 21 - 29 CM 1 CM
S 26 - 34 CM 1.5 CM
M 33 - 41 CM 2.5 CM
L 40 - 49 CM 3 CM
***XL 47 - 56 CM 3 CM
***XL no disponible


Size Neck Width
Standard 20 - 26 CM 1.2 CM

Spring Collar

Spring Collar

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